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..... WHOA.

So uh.... this still exists!! XD  Holy cow!

WELL, I won't say much for now except... hello from 2018!  I didn't expect to completely ABANDON this blog, but things just kinda moved along at their own pace, I suppose.

Going thru some of the last few entries has already been a trip!  Applying to VFS, frustrations at my job at the bank, meeting and visiting my boyfriend... and of course, fangirling at every little thing.

I suppose some quick updates are in order!

— boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend. He has been my husband for nearly 4 years now! Our anniversary is in less than a week! <3

— attended and graduated VFS in the 2012-2013 year!  Learned SO MUCH and definitely the best educational decision of my life!  While I haven't had the chance to exercise my skills professionally, my sister has been working almost non-stop!  (She worked on the MLP theatrical movie and I AM SO PROUD OF HER)

— moved to a whole new province to pursue our dream careers!  I may only be working in data entry in a busy metropolis, but I'm honestly content here for now. :3

Also of note, I'm much more active on Tumblr right now!  I started a blog to stay in touch with my youngest sister while away at school, and eventually gained a following!  Especially with the help of a dear friend, I'm developing a fan-spinoff of stories based on the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise!  It's taking a while for all sorts of "life happens" reasons, but I'm learning a lot about writing, creating, building interest, and so on!

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Friends Only!

Friends Only Journal!

Welcome to my little corner of the universe!  If you're an old friend, a new friend, or someone who is immune to the deafening effects of hyperactive fansquees, leave a little comment and I may add you! :3

Chao for now! <3


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